KonMari your finances – Declutter from Debt!

Photo Courtesy of Dave Ramsey on Instagram

By now we have all seen or at least heard of Marie Kondo and her KonMari method of decluttering your house. The concept is basically to keep items that spark joy for you and to dispose of those that do not.

This is not unlike finances. Debt adds an extra layer of stress that you need to declutter from. What sparks joy for me is the ability to live how I want to live, and give how I want to give. I can create my experiences and my own joy. Paying someone else for my joy sucked. The joy fades really fast. The spark went out just as quickly as it had arrived. My joy lasts longer and longer now that I have decluttered from debt. You cherish the items and experiences more when you paid cash for them, rather then have the debt follow you around for months sucking 15-25% interest from you.

So say ‘thank you’ to the credit cards when you cut them up, take out your wallet, hold your cash, and feel the joy!

Budget Tip/Hack of the Month

Budget tip/hack of the month

“Enjoying yourself while on a budget and getting out of debt”

I hope you are all recovered from the post Halloween sugar rush. The good news for those sitting down this weekend to finalize their budget is you get an extra hour to do so. 🙂

We all know a budget is telling our money where to go. One of the areas people have a hard time with is cutting entertainment expenses. It is a good idea to cut back while getting out of debt and using the motivation of wanting to go out but not being able, to drive your focused intensity towards your goals. There are ways however to add a little ‘break’ and not ‘break’ the budget. Here are two:

  1. A majority of national movie chains have discount Tuesday. Most tickets range from $5-$6 all day. It s a great way to see a new movie for half the price (or sometimes more). This is compared to say a Saturday Pm showing at a local National Chain ($12.50) or a one in the major city ($15.99) Be careful to avoid the online fees and buy direct at the box office. Also be mindful of snacks as that can blow your budget. Tip: Large popcorn costs about $8 and comes with a free refill at most theaters. Ask them to give you your refill at the same time (2 bags for $8 is $4 per person and you don’t have to get up during the movie).
  2. Mystery shop your dining out experience.   Mystery shopping is a great way to go out and try new places or even places you like to frequent and get paid to do so. The majority of the time the company will pay you for your meal up to a set amount, others will pay your meal reimbursement plus a fee. Tip: You will have to budget for the initial output of money and you will have to follow the guidelines of the shop and submit all the paperwork to get reimbursed. My wife and I did that a lot while we were getting out of debt. It was fun and something we still do today. Some companies even offer theme park, movies and hotel stays. Google some and see what they have to offer.


Be creative, have fun, be mindful and remember Things Change When Things Change