KonMari your finances – Declutter from Debt!

Photo Courtesy of Dave Ramsey on Instagram

By now we have all seen or at least heard of Marie Kondo and her KonMari method of decluttering your house. The concept is basically to keep items that spark joy for you and to dispose of those that do not.

This is not unlike finances. Debt adds an extra layer of stress that you need to declutter from. What sparks joy for me is the ability to live how I want to live, and give how I want to give. I can create my experiences and my own joy. Paying someone else for my joy sucked. The joy fades really fast. The spark went out just as quickly as it had arrived. My joy lasts longer and longer now that I have decluttered from debt. You cherish the items and experiences more when you paid cash for them, rather then have the debt follow you around for months sucking 15-25% interest from you.

So say ‘thank you’ to the credit cards when you cut them up, take out your wallet, hold your cash, and feel the joy!

Things Change When Things Change

Things change when things change. A simple phrase but a difficult one for most people to understand and actively participate in. Change as an action is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. We all want change. We all dream about change but we don’t want to the work necessary for change to occur. We are creatures of habit by nature. Even if those habits do not work.

How many times have you stood in front of a mirror and imagined a toned, fit you only to think about the work needed to accomplish it, go back to your usual routine and then get depressed about not having the body you think you can? If you want to change things then you need to change things. It really is that simple. Change the way you eat and exercise to change your body. Change the way you spend and handle money to change your lifestyle. Jimmy Buffett has a song entitled ‘Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes’. Changing where you are changes your perception and emotion. There are no excuses except for the ones you let get in your way.